Monday Reset / Refocus Day - How To Detox Safely - Caffeine Vlog

By Christine Tuck on 16 May 2022

Good morning all 🙂 Refocus? Reset? Detox? Todays #CTsChat Caffeine how does it affect you? Are you ready to cut down or detox? Health & Happiness Chris x  

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Cat & Cow Stretch With Rotation Tutorial Social Media 11.05.22

By Christine Tuck on 11 May 2022

Did you know that doing this movement just for a few minutes per day.... Cat / Cow Stretch (plus Thread the Needle) if you want to add it in... Has the following benefits: *Improves posture & balance *Strengthens & stretches the spine & neck *Stretches the hips, abdomen & back *Increases co-ordination Combine with the correct breathing technique and it will calm the mind and body! Try it for a few mins per day and let me know how you get on 🙂 Health & Happiness Chris x

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By Jon Atkin on 07 June 2020

      WWHF NEWSLETTER 8 7th JUNE 2020       Hello everyone how are you? I hope you have had a good week? I hope you all continue to be well?   In last weeks newsletter, I wrote about how some of us have been affected by the Lockdown. This week I wanted to share what coping strategies some of us have been using in order to keep upbeat and moving forwards. Maybe these will help you? 

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